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If you have experienced rainwater seeping behind your roof gutters in Houston, TX, you may be wondering how you can prevent this problem. Improper water diversion from your roof can lead to numerous problems that compromise your home’s appearance and its structural integrity. Watch this video to learn the main causes of water getting behind your gutters.

Water collecting behind rain gutters often happens when your roof shingles are too short. One of the roof shingles’ roles is to transfer rainwater from the roof into the gutter, where the water is then sent to the ground through a downspout. If the shingle is too short to allow water to drip into your gutters, the water will simply pool up under the shingle or behind the gutter. Gutter edges facilitate this drainage process, which is why it’s important that gutters are properly installed.

Main Causes of Water Getting Behind the Gutter Causing Fascia Board Damage