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When you are shopping for gutter guards in Houston, you may find that you have a few different materials that are available for your installation. While any type of gutter guard will be able to protect your home and roofing from water damage, the material that you choose for your gutter guards will depend on the types of conditions that your gutters will typically face. A gutter guard company will be able to provide you with detailed information about your material options.

During the gutter guard installation process, you will typically have the option of choosing either mesh gutter guards or leaf gutter guards. Mesh gutter guards have smaller openings that are engineered to trap all types of debris, ranging from twigs to dirt and other items. Since leaf gutter guards are more open, they will mainly only trap leaves that fall from your trees. If you have problems with falling leaves clogging your gutters, a leaf gutter guard may be right for your gutter system.

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