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Mature trees add beauty, shade, and privacy to your landscaping. When you are updating the landscaping around your home, however, you will need to think carefully about the types of trees that you plant near your roof. Trees that shed their leaves in the fall can quickly clog your home rain gutters. With services from a gutter guard company in Houston, you will be able to easily prevent fallen leaves from clogging up your gutter system and damaging your house.

As you are picking out your trees, consider which species will have the least amount of impact on your home rain gutters. Conifer trees, such as pine trees, do not drop their leaves during the fall. These trees are ideal for planting near your home’s gutters and roofline. Along with picking out trees that will minimally impact your roof, you will also need to pick out species that are suited to your local climate. Shade trees, such as holly trees and olive trees, are sure to thrive when they are planted in your yard.

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