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The gutters along around your home are responsible for more than just directing water away from your roofline. In fact, your home’s gutter installation is designed to protect your foundation from flooding and water damage. If your current home gutter system is not functioning correctly, you may want to consider a new gutter installation near Houston. With brand new gutters, you can make sure that your foundation is protected from damage. Here is a look at a few ways that poor gutters can damage your foundation.

Standing Water Can Saturate Your Foundation

When a gutter system is functioning correctly, it will direct rainwater in a steady flow away from the base of your foundation. If your gutters have been poorly installed, or are currently clogged with leaves and debris, water may start to pool up around the outside of your foundation slab. Continued exposure to standing water can cause your foundation to crack, erode, and experience other water damage issues.

Draining Water Can Cause Soil Erosion

In order to remain structurally stable, your foundation needs to be surrounded by a firm layer of soil. Poorly functioning gutters can cause the soil around your foundation to erode, causing structural instability and other issues. Eventually, soil erosion around the foundation of your home may cause your foundation to sink or settle. While building up the soil around your foundation can help to prevent problems, it is also important to make sure that your gutter system is functioning properly.

Flooding Water Can Enter Foundation Cracks

While minor foundation cracks may form naturally over time, a faulty gutter installation can transform small cracks into major structural issues. When water floods down the sides of your gutters, it may seep into the cracks in your foundation. Eventually, flooding water may also enter your basement space, leading to mold, mildew, and other types of damage. With a new gutter installation, you will be able to protect your foundation from various forms of water damage and other problems.

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