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When leaves and other types of debris fall into your gutters, they can cause serious clogs. Rather than having to clean out your gutters every few months, you may want to invest in a gutter guard system. Gutter guards are designed to prevent falling debris from entering your gutter system and causing a blockage. A company that offers home rain gutters in Houston can install a quality gutter guard solution for your home. To highlight the benefits of protecting your gutters, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about gutter guard systems.

Myth: Gutter guards are only necessary for properties with mature trees

If your home is not located near any tall, mature trees, you may think that your gutters are protected from falling leaves and other types of tree litter. In reality, the gutters of any home can become clogged with different types of debris that flies through the air. Even if your home does not contain mature plantings in its yard, you will still benefit from a gutter guard installation.

Myth: Installing gutter guards means that I need to replace my gutter system

In reality, your gutter installation expert will consult with you to help you find a solution that meets your needs. While some homeowners choose to replace their old gutters when they have gutter guards installed, others simply place their new gutter guards over their existing gutters. It will be up to you whether you replace your gutter system as a part of your installation.

Myth: Gutter guards don’t really make a difference

After you have installed new gutter guards around your roofline, you are sure to be amazed at the difference that these units make on the overall quality and functionality of your gutter system. By preventing leaves and other items from getting trapped in your gutters, gutter guards prevent blockages, spillovers, and foundation floods. Talk to a gutter guard specialist to learn more about how these units can help you.

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