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If you are a longtime resident of the city of Houston, you are probably all too familiar with the dangerous storms that can hit the area during the late spring and early summer seasons. To protect your home from storm damage, it is a great idea to install new gutter guards for your roofing. Gutter guards in Houston can prevent clogged gutter issues, and they will help you and your loved ones weather the next storm with confidence. Read on for an overview of three ways that Houston’s storms could affect your home.

Broken Windows

When a storm arrives with hurricane force winds, the safety and condition of your home’s windows could be in peril. Standard window glass is not designed to withstand wind speeds of more than 80 miles per hour. To make sure that your windows are protected from shattering during a high wind advisory, you may want to consider investing in impact-resistant storm windows. These durable windows can handle wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour or more.

Missing Roof Shingles

During a major storm, your home’s roof will receive a bulk of the impact. In the aftermath of high winds and heavy rains, you may notice that your roof is missing some or many of its shingles. Since missing shingles can make your roof more vulnerable to flooding, it is of the utmost importance to repair roof damage right away. Your roofers can replace your shingles and make sure that your roof is ready to protect your home.

Flooded Basement and Foundation

Unfortunately, your basement and foundation can easily become flooded if your gutters do not drain properly. A functional gutter system will collect water and funnel it safely away from your home through the use of a downspout. If your home experiences serious water damage during the next big storm, you may want to think about the advantages of installing gutter guards. Your gutter guards will help to ensure that water is able to drain safely away from the most vulnerable areas of your property.

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