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While all home gutter systems share the same purpose, they come in different styles and materials. Are you thinking about offering your home better protection from water damage with new gutter installation in Houston, TX? If so, then read on to learn about some popular rain gutter materials to determine which could be right for your house.


When it comes to available gutter materials, aluminum is the most prevalent due to the many benefits that it offers. Aluminum is affordable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion, and it comes in a broad range of colors that work well with most home exterior styles. Many experts describe aluminum as the best option when it comes to combining price, style, and durability. For these reasons, aluminum is an incredibly popular choice for gutters and is a great option for many homeowners.

Other Metals

Coated with a layer of zinc, galvanized steel gutters may take the prize when it comes to strength. However, this gutter material can be vulnerable to rusting. For this reason, you can sometimes find galvanized steel gutters that are coated with both zinc and aluminum, but they come with a higher price tag. Zinc gutters are also available and this material offers durability and strength. Finally, copper gutters are a favorite among homeowners looking for the most attractive and upscale gutters on the market, but this material costs substantially more than other options.


Another inexpensive option for a gutter material is vinyl. This option comes in a wide selection of colors that can beautifully match your vinyl siding. In this way, vinyl gutters stand out for some homeowners as the material that best promotes the appearance of their house’s exterior. However, it’s important to realize that sun exposure will cause this material to break down over time, making it less durable than metal gutters. While offering you an affordable and versatile choice for gutter installation, vinyl will need to be replaced more frequently than metal gutters.

Residential Gutter Installation in Houston, TX