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Your gutters can show damage at any time, no matter their age. If your gutters are showing obvious signs of damage—such as visible cracks or breaks in the system—then you may need to look into a new gutter installation in Houston, TX. Your home gutter system is essential to protecting your entire home structure and foundation from flooding, mold, and other symptoms of water damage. Let’s look at some signs that your home gutter system is damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

  • An obvious sign of damage would be cracks, splits, and any other breaks in your gutter system. These cracks can grow, eventually damaging your entire gutter system and leading to major home repairs.
  • If you have seen signs of water damage, such as mold or pools of water, then your gutters may be damaged. Water damage may occur in your attic, interior and exterior walls, and your foundation. Schedule a new gutter installation right away to prevent further damage to your home and property.
  • When gutters start pulling away from your house or appear to be sagging, then it is time to replace them.

Damaged Gutters