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There are a number of systems and structures that are designed to help protect the integrity of your home, and one of these is the gutters. Continue reading to learn about your home gutter system in Houston, TX.

The Role of Gutters

Your home’s gutter system is essential for protecting it against damage from rainfall. When not managed appropriately, rainwater can turn into a highly destructive element for your property. Gutters that are free of clogs, well-maintained, and installed properly collect the rain that lands on your roof and divert it away from your home’s foundation.

The Benefits of Gutters

Rain gutter maintenance is often overlooked because much of the system is overhead and out of sight. However, realizing how your gutters protect your home can make it easier to remember to provide them with regular upkeep. Because gutters help stop rainwater from accumulating around the base of your home, they can prevent flooding under your house, a flooded basement, foundation problems, and soil erosion. Furthermore, your home gutter system helps protect your siding, exterior doors, and garage doors from water damage. Finally, functional gutters can help prevent water staining on stone masonry and brick.

The Maintenance of Gutters

To gain all the benefits offered by gutters, it’s important to be vigilant year-round to catch signs of problems with the system, such as sagging, leaky, or broken areas. In addition to watching for indications of damage to your gutters, keeping them free of debris is one of the best ways that you can keep your gutters in good shape and prevent water damage to your home. When leaves, sticks, and similar matter clog up the gutters, this can lead to gutter deterioration, water damming, and water damage. Also, clogged gutters provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes when they’re holding water, and the leaf build up can pose a fire hazard when it’s dry. For these reasons, scheduling gutter maintenance and installing covered gutters are 2 great ways to help keep your home gutter system working properly.