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You may think gutter maintenance and cleaning is not a difficult job, but you are more likely to end up injured than cleaning your gutters. Gutter specialists in Houston, TX warn against untrained gutter cleaning because it can lead to serious injuries from ladder falls and nearby power lines. Continue reading to learn more about why you should trust your gutter specialist to the gutter cleaning in the future.

You can become seriously injured.

When gutters need to be cleaned, they are most easily accessed with a ladder. Depending on how tall your gutters are, you may need a standard 6-foot tall ladder or one that is even taller. If the ladder were to slip, fold in, or fall, you could become seriously injured, even if you only fell from a few feet up. Falling from a ladder could lead to bruises, broken limbs, and severe head or back injuries. Gutter specialists, however, have the necessary training, tools, and ladder knowledge to reduce injuries while cleaning your gutters.

You might be too close to power lines.

If your home is near any power lines, then you could be in serious danger while cleaning your gutters. Power lines can be hidden behind large, bushy trees, and they could be hanging near your house and gutters. If you accidentally hit a power line—with your body, a tool, or through another way of contact—then you could face dangerous injuries and even death. A gutter specialist knows what to look for to avoid power lines and injury.

You may not have the correct tools.

Part of what keeps gutter specialists better protected while cleaning your gutters is their special tools and training. They have various tools that allow for better reach, and they use high-powered hoses to get as much debris out of the gutters as possible. These tools, plus specialized training and knowledge, help protect gutter specialists from injury. Unless you have these tools and training, you will be much safer trusting the professionals with your gutter cleaning.

man cleaning gutters