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There are certainly sexier home improvement projects than installing new gutters, but there aren’t many affordable additions that provide the same level of protection and comfort for your home. People are surprised to learn that well-functioning gutters can prevent foundation problems, roof leaking, and other issues that can require considerable time and money to fix. Whether you’re installing gutters on a new home or replacing the old gutters on your existing home, here are some things to know that will help you find the perfect new gutters. This short guide will also provide you with some pointers for keeping your gutters in great shape.

Why Gutters are Important

Every home needs to have good gutters, especially here in Houston, TX where the rainy seasons can be very wet. Properly installed and maintained gutters help prevent flooding under houses and in basements, preserve exterior doors and garage overhead doors, and protect against soil erosion around the home that can cause foundation shifting and cracking. Well maintained gutters can also prevent roof leaking that can result in expensive water damage.

Types of Gutters

If you’re planning a new gutter installation, you should first know the difference between some of the common types of gutters and gutter materials you’ll be able to choose from. Aluminum and vinyl gutters are the most popular because they are lightweight and hold up well to Mother Nature over time. Most gutters have a rounded or squared shape, but several profiles are available to meet your aesthetic preferences, as well as the drainage, needs specific to where you live and the surrounding landscape.

Gutter Maintenance and Repair

In order to keep your rain gutters working properly, there is a bit of gutter maintenance that you need to concern yourself with. The easiest way to keep gutters in tip-top shape is to clean them periodically to remove leaves, bird nests, and any other debris that might block the drainage of rainwater through the gutter. If your gutters are leaking, cracked, pulling away from the roof, or compromised in any other way, contact a gutter repair company in Houston, TX at your earliest convenience to prevent things from getting any worse.

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