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Is It Time to Purchase New Gutters?

The spring season is here, and you may want to prepare your home for the coming months with a new gutter installation. If your Houston home gutter system is broken or leaking, the structural integrity of your house could be in jeopardy. With services from a company that offers covered cutters, you can replace your failing gutters with a brand new system. Covered gutters will safely drain water away from your home, and they will also be impenetrable to clogs from leaves and branches. Here is a closer look at some of the top signs that it is time to purchase new gutters for your home. damaged - gutters

Your Home is Suffering from Water Damage

While there are many potential causes of water damage to your home, your gutters could be contributing to the water damage issue. When your gutters are unable to properly filter water away from your home’s foundation, pools of water could start to form around your home’s base. As these pools of water are allowed to sit, your home could start to show signs of mold, mildew, and other indications of water damage.

Your Gutters are Starting to Fall Off

In order to determine whether your gutters are ready to be replaced, you can also visually inspect their overall quality and condition. If you can see that your gutters are starting to pull away from the sides of your roofing, this is a sure sign that you are in need of a gutter replacement. Your new gutters will have a snug fit along the entire perimeter of your roof.

Your Foundation is Cracking

Poor gutter maintenance can lead to significant foundation problems throughout your home. If a foundation inspection has recently revealed that your concrete slab foundation is cracking or spalling, you may want to remedy the issue with a new gutter installation. Along with replacing your gutters, you may also need to schedule foundation repair services. By installing covered gutters around your home, you can protect your foundation from premature wear and tear.