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If you have a clogged gutter, you will need to determine whether downspout problems are at the source of the issue. While a clogged gutter will not be able to efficiently transport water, clogs and other problems in the downspout can also interrupt the flow of water. A company that offers gutter maintenance in Houston will be able to check out your downspouts and determine the cause of your issue.

There are a few common problems that tend to plague gutter downspouts. Since downspouts are usually completely enclosed, they can easily get clogged up with fallen leaves, small tree branches, or even mud. Since you cannot see the clog from the outside of the downspout, it can be difficult to locate the source of the blockage. Downspouts also cause problems when they start to detach from the overall gutter system. Your gutter technician will get your downspout reattached and ensure that your downspout pipe is not obstructed.

man fixing gutters