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Rainwater might not be your first choice for drinking, but it’s a renewable resource that falls from the sky. There are plenty of ways we can harness this free water and use it to conserve drinking water. A lack of quality drinking water is becoming an increasing concern in the United States, which is unique for a developed country, but an effective home gutter system in Houston, TX can make a big difference. You can also use rain barrels to gather water, and the process can be even more effective if you modify your downspout for harvesting. Read on and get to know your options for rainwater harvesting in Texas.

Effective Gutter Systems

There are ways to filter water after you’ve already collected it, but the right kind of rain gutter can get you started right away. Water is in high demand, and the cleaner it is, the better. If your home gutter system is clogged, the rainwater it collects will sit there and may become contaminated. It can attract bugs, and other pests might use it for drinking. To harvest healthier water, keep your rain gutters clean. Clear out the debris once in a while, or have your specialist come over for an inspection. Note any signs of rot, as it suggests that the gutter system could use improvements.

Rain Barrels

Making a rain barrel is about as easy of a project as you can take on. All you really need is a clean garbage bin to collect the water. If you want to filter out leaves, twigs, and other debris, you can do that as well. In this case, you would cut holes in the cover and put it in the bin. Then, it will collect the rainwater, but the undesirable organic material won’t make it past the filter.


Rainwater harvesting is extra efficient when you connect your home gutter system to a rain barrel. The water that lands in your gutter system will flow through the gutters and the downspout, ultimately landing in the rain barrel for your later use.

rain on a roof