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If you are seeking a great way to conserve water this summer while also keeping your lawn and garden lush and green, you may want to consider creating a rain collection system for your property. You can modify your home gutter system to deliver water directly to your rain collection devices. A gutter guard company that offers gutter installation near Houston will be able to work with you to create an efficient and effective rain collection solution for your home. Let’s review the steps of creating a good rain collection system that is suited for water management.

Install New Gutters

In order to create a rain collection device that functions properly, you will need to make sure that your home has a gutter system that is in good condition. The first step of creating your rain collection system will be to install brand new gutters on your roof. A new set of gutters will be able to collect a larger volume of rainwater for your collection system.

Modify Your Downspout

The next phase of creating your rain collection system will be to modify your downspout. After the water has been collected by your gutters, it will naturally flow into the downspout and down to the lower levels of your home. To capture rainwater for your system, you will need to modify your downspout with an elbow, which will contain the falling water, and deliver it directly into your rain barrel.

Obtain a Rain Barrel

After your gutters and downspout have been modified for rain collection, you will be ready to start shopping for a rain barrel. A local hardware supply store may be able to provide you with a rain barrel that holds up to 55 gallons. The rain barrel should be placed directly underneath the downspout elbow so that it is able to collect water. A spigot or hose attachment can be placed at the bottom of the rain barrel so that you will be able to transfer the collected rainwater to your garden easily.

New Gutter Installation In Houston