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Because they are generally out of sight, it’s common for homeowners to forget about gutter maintenance until they have a problem. Professionals for house gutters serving Houston, TX realize that functioning gutters are an essential part of protecting your home’s integrity.

Preventing Water Damage

When your gutters fail to adequately transport and drain the rainwater they’ve collected, the results can be significantly damaging to your home. Your roof, eaves, siding and other external structures can each be damaged if they are consistently in contact with water. Additionally, clogged and broken gutters typically force water to spill over into the area surrounding your home. When water pools around a house’s perimeter, it can cause damage to its foundation or cause flooding in your basement or crawlspace. The cost to repair any of these structures can be considerable, so it’s vital to keep your gutters in good shape.

Preventing Infestations

Water is highly appealing to bugs, and poorly functioning gutters can draw a variety of vermin to your home including wood damaging insects and small rodents. The moisture and debris found in poorly maintained gutters provide a perfect nesting and breeding place for many bugs. Also, living in your gutters puts these vermin in close proximity to your home’s structure, providing them with the opportunity to make their way inside where they can cause damage and create messes. Taking the time to regularly clean your gutters at least twice per year will help prevent too many leaves and other debris from accumulating and clogging the drains.

Preventing Erosion

Cracked or poorly functioning gutters prevent your gutter downspout from sending rainwater where it’s intended to go. As the water spills over gutters or puddles beneath gaps, it can end up flowing haphazardly over your property, possibly creating unsightly rivulets through your landscaping and eroding your topsoil. When runoff affects your topsoil levels, it can put your home’s foundation at greater risk for water damage. To prevent your gutters from causing you headaches down the road, have them inspected for damage and clogs.

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